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501(c)(3) Non-profit organization

Benefitting language enrichment classes for underserved elementary school children in Austin, Texas.

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"The power of this program is the opportunity to go beyond the classroom and into our conflict-ridden communities, building respect, friendship, and bridges of understanding."

- Roscoe Overton Sr., Executive Director

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Bringing Change to East Austin


The vision was established, and received a pilot program grant from the City of Austin and Travis County Department of Health & Human Services.


The HILO curriculum was first introduced to Pickle Elementary School of Austin Independent School District.


The Overton Group hosts the inaugural golf tournament at Morris Williams Golf Course in East Austin.


The Overton Group continues to host the annual golf tournament in East Austin to fundraise for the organization's programs.

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"Why should only White middle class students be given the gift of bilingualism and biliteracy? Having spent my K-6 school years in bilingual (dual language) classrooms in Venezuela with children whose heritage was primarily African in origin. I know for a fact that African Americans are just as capable of acquiring a high degree of proficiency in more than one language than any White child."

Dr. Laura C. Green, PhD
Member of the African American Dual Language Committee

Austin, Texas

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