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​​​​​Pre-K and K Spanish Enrichment
The Harmonious Intervention through Language Opportunities, HILO™, program was created by the Overton Group on the assumption that all kids can benefit from learning a second language. Early Elementary students also can benefit from developmentally appropriate opportunities to build social and academic skills through stimulating activities. 

The impetus for the program, according to the curriculum preface, is “to offer language enrichment to young children in the African American community and non proficient Spanish speakers who share their schools with large numbers of Spanish-speaking immigrants and children of immigrants.”

The program is designed to offer all pre-K and K students, i.e., native and non native speakers, enhanced learning opportunities through songs, games, art, and other activities by which language can be developed and vocabulary practiced. These activities are implemented in large and small-group configurations balanced with individual attention and one-on-one activity.

In addition, the HILO™ Parent Manualis a tool for parents to support their children's journey with the HILO™Curriculum while describing advantages their children will experience such as facilitating flexibility of the brain, developing higher-order thinking skills, and building respect for other cultures.